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day 08:  a scene you really wanted to be in the movies, but wasn’t » 

“Hadn’t you better be hurrying along, now? You wouldn’t like her spotted, would you?”

He nodded at Hermione, and at the same moment, a blast like a bomb sounded from the campsite, and a flash of green light momentarily lit the trees around them.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” said Hermione defiantly. 

“Granger, they’re after Muggles,”said Malfoy. “D’you want to be showing off your knickers in midair? Because if you do, hang around… they’re moving this way, and it would give us all a laugh.”

“Hermione’s a witch,” Harry snarled.

“Have it your own way, Potter,” said Malfoy, grinning maliciously. “If you think they can’t spot a Mudblood, stay where you are.”

“You watch your mouth!” shouted Ron. Everybody present knew that “Mudblood” was a very offensive term for a witch or wizard of Muggle parentage.

“Never mind, Ron,” said Hermione quickly, seizing Ron’s arm to restrain him as he took a step toward Malfoy. …

“Oh come on,” said Hermione, with a disgusted look at Malfoy, “let’s go and find the others.”

“Keep that big bushy head down, Granger,” sneered Malfoy.

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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire;

Rita Skeeter: This is cozy.
Harry: It’s a broom cupboard.
Rita Skeeter: Well you should feel right at home, then.

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HARRY POTTER SERIES | What really mattered in the movies

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“No dragons were harmed in the making of this movie.”

It was his stunt double…duh!

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I’m dying. My laughter. I cannot.

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[Color Challenge | Yellow]

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