stydia au - Orpheus and Eurydice

Lydia refuses to accept Stiles’ death and uses her powers to travel to the underworld to bring him home. The only catch? She must lead him back to the land of the living without looking back to make sure he’s following.

Feb 12 13:38 ( 366 )

Berica fantasy AU - After fighting Kali, Erica wakes up in a land full of fairy tale heroes and nightmare monsters. Her wolf powers don’t make sense anymore and she can’t seem to go two minutes without breaking the rules. Her trouble-making lands her a royal engagement and the suspicions of the legendary Wolf Knight, who she could probably handle if only he didn’t look so much like Boyd.

"Shouldn’t you be with the king?" Erica asks. She’s thankful for the maids working around her. They give her an excuse to keep her back to him.

"I had to ask you something," he says.

"It couldn’t wait the half hour?"

"In half an hour you will be my queen. It would be inappropriate for me to ask anything of you." A few of the maids’ down-turned eyes dart in her direction. They’re expecting her to kick him out.

She wants to. She wants to remind him that her memory goes back more than thirty minutes and throw him out on his rear. But she knows only one thing that will get him out of there as quickly as she needs.

"What do you want to know?"

The silence lasts so long Erica starts to hope he’s chickened out, only for him to ask, “The man, the one named Boyd … did you love him?”

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AU meme: stydia as Aphrodite/Hephaestus

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AU meme - Teen Wolf as Star Trek

Jun 20 19:22 ( 30 )

AU meme - Sarah Williams is the outsider who crashes into Storybrooke and in a town brimming with magic even her right words aren’t enough to keep a certain specter from her past away.

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AU meme - I’m not girly, little Caroline anymore.

She has the gall to attempt staring him down and in return he invades her personal space, closing the distance until they’re breathing the same air and can feel the warmth coming off each other’s bodies.

"Pfft!" She rolls her eyes. "So you’re a big, bad Original vampire. I’m captain of the cheer squad, head of the dance committee, reigning Miss Mystic Falls - and no one is going to sacrifice my best friend. I’ll eat you for lunch.”

He grins. Such foolhardy self-confidence is worth a chuckle. “You think you can take me, little vampire?”

She smiles back and unlike most vampires her age, doesn’t show off her new-found fangs. “Yeah, I do.”

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AU meme - TVD characters as metahumans

Bonnie Bennett: telekinesis

May 19 13:12 ( 6 )

AU meme - TVD characters as metahumans

Caroline Forbes: empathic manipulation > mind-control

So she died. It’s not that big a deal. Damon brought her back and it turns out the Salvatores have superpowers. Whatever. She kind of figured out the world was weirder than she’d been led to believe when someone who looked exactly like her best friend but was definitely not her best friend killed her.
"How did you know she wasn’t Elena?" Stefan asks gently.
"It was obvious."
"No, it’s not!" Damon snaps. He still looks like shit from saving her life. If he wasn’t so rude about it she might thank him. "They look exactly alike and you wanna know why? Because they’re the same person! Only one of them is actually real. So how the hell could you tell Katherine wasn’t Elena?"
"I don’t know, all right? Maybe she talks different or something! Maybe you’re just oblivious! If you didn’t notice, I died yesterday, so why don’t you shut up and leave me alone!"
Damon takes a step back and returns to his chair. He refuses to look at her but he’s got his best death glare on. It’s so like him to do something so childish as to give her the silent treatment that she throws up her arms and stomps from the room. When she’s gone Damon looks to Stefan and Elena.
"What was that about?" Elena asks.
"Your little friend is a mind-controlling bitch, that’s what it was about. She told me to shut up and leave her alone and I couldn’t even look at her anymore."

May 14 13:31 ( 5 )

AU meme - TVD characters as metahumans

Stefan and Damon Salvatore: Healing (life force manipulation)

Stefan runs through the hospital. Elena’s waiting for him at the end of the hall but he only sees Damon. He’s slumped in one of the visitor chairs, trying to push a well-meaning doctor away. Stefan isn’t sure what he says but suddenly it’s just him and Damon. He kneels before his brother.
"What did you do to yourself?" Stefan demands. He takes Damon’s hand, moves his fingers to the wrist to feel the faint pulse. Damon’s skin is pale and clammy. He looks like he’d blow away in a good gust of wind.
"She said I couldn’t do it." Damon’s voice comes out with a faint wheeze. "Said I must be a pretty weak healer, ‘cause you’d at least try." Damon tries to smile. "Couldn’t let her get away with that."
"What did you do?" Stefan asks again, fear making his voice hard. A girlish laugh sounds behind him and he turns to see Elena in a nearby room. She’s standing by Caroline’s bedside. The blonde looks amazingly chipper for someone in the ICU.
"She was dead. I tried, didn’t think it’d do any good. Turns out it did."
"She couldn’t have been," Stefan says. It’s impossible to bring someone back from the dead, every healer knows it. But Damon would know better than anyone that Caroline really was gone and he wouldn’t lie about this.
Stefan takes a seat next to Damon and focuses on feeding him some of his own life force. They’ll figure out what this means tomorrow. Right now his brother needs him.

May 13 12:45 ( 5 )

AU meme - TVD characters as metahumans

Elena Gilbert, Katherine Pierce: Duplication

“Why do I look like her?” Elena demands. She tears her eyes away from the woman she hopes is an illusion. Stefan’s got that look, his “I’m sorry” look, the same one he had the first time he changed her world forever.
“He hasn’t told you?” the woman asks. She’s all smiles, like this isn’t impossible. “Elena Gilbert? She’s not real. You’re not real.” Suddenly there’s another woman behind the first, identical in every way. It’s this second one that says, “You’re a copy, an inferior one at that.”
“Stefan…,” Elena says weakly, reaching for her boyfriend. He takes her hand instantly.
“Katherine’s power is duplication - but there’s no reason to assume-”
“What?” Elena demands. “That I’m not real? Or that I am? How can I not be real? I’ve got a life and a family. I grew up two miles from here!”
One of the Katherines cuts in. “All information that could easily be planted by a decent telepath.” Elena wants to hit her but she’s afraid if they touch one of them might disappear. She’s afraid it’ll be her.
“A whole town, Katherine?” Stefan asks. “It’s unlikely.”
“But not impossible.”
Stefan shakes his head. His hand grips Elena’s tighter. “There’s as much reason to assume she’s real as there is you. We can’t be sure of anything at this point.”
The original Katherine scoffs as her duplicate winks out of existence. “Face it, Stefan, your girlfriend is just a pale imitation of me.”

May 12 19:21 ( 4 )