Fourteen years ago, a Death Eater named Bellatrix Lestrange used the Cruciatus Curse on my parents. She tortured them for information, but they never gave in. I’m quite proud to be their son.

This hurts. A lot.

One of the scenes that I will never be able to forget from the book is the scene when they’re at the hospital and Neville’s mother comes and gives him the sweet wrapper. She’s been tortured to insanity, but some part of her, some tiny diamond hard fragment of who she was, smothered by the shattered remains of herself remembers her son enough to want to make him smile.

She gives him a present to make him smile, and you just know Neville took that sweet wrapper home with him and put it in a box with all the other random pieces of rubbish she has given to him over the past 14 years.

This is why Neville’s story makes me hurt much more than Harry. Neville’s parents are still there. He can still see them and touch them, but he can never and will never know what they think of him, of what he has become. But no matter what happens, he will do every damn thing he can to be a man they would be proud of. Even if he’s scared, he will be brave because they were.

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what makes you so special?

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A zombie-bitten father tries to save his infant daughter in this bittersweet short film

So you’ve been bitten by a zombie. So long, conscious brain activity, hello craving for human meat. But the protagonist of the short film Cargo has bigger problems than his impending demise: he has to find a way to save his infant daughter, even if he has to die first to do it.

Directed by Ben Howling and Yolanda Ramke, Cargo was a finalist in Tropfest Australia 2013. It’s also a rather clever take on zombie genre tropes, with a story that isn’t about the survival of self, but the survival of another.

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in life and in death

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WADE: Man you were a damn good Santa.. before. I remember. You knew how to coax the shy ones and soften the blow for the ones who wanted more than their parents could afford. You were great. And yeah, one year.. you weren’t. Come on Dad, she had just died. The cancer was.. it was awful. Do you think anybody in this town remembers you messing that Christmas up?  
EARL: You do. 
WADE: Yeah. But that doesn’t mean I don’t understand. 
EARL: Told the Doctor I wanted to be Santa because I wanted to make it up to everyone. To you. I can’t.. I just can’t go out there again.
WADE: Dad, it’s a time for miracles. And not for me, but you: Earl. You can be a normal person for two hours. I’ll help you. 
ZOE: You never told me any of that stuff about your family. 
WADE:  You never asked. 
ZOE: It wasn’t the way we were. Doesn’t mean that I didn’t want to know.
WADE: Well, it’s a little late for that now, isn’t it? 

Hart of Dixie 2x10 - Blue Christmas

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Don’t let this world spoil you. You’re so good. You’re my sweet boy. The best thing I ever did.

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Teddy Roosevelt’s diary entry from the day his wife died. He never spoke of her death again.

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