keep your friends close, but your enemies closer

like really, very close

intimately close 

so close that you can feel your enemies breath on your neck

and you shiver with hatred and… anticipation? 

turn around and look deep into your enemies eyes, letting your gaze drag down to their lips, your eyes intense with desire. push your enemies up against the wall.

make out with your enemies.

your friends, who are still close, are super uncomfortable and kinda grossed out

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draco/hermione - beauty and the beast AU  (req. by anon)

    In Wiltshire, a dilapidated manor stands in place of a castle, gates rusted yellowed, windows blackened with soot, and its single occupant presumed dead or worse. Six tall spires bite into the fog like half of a jaw open in omen: dark magic taints this land, and it is hungry for more than just the broken prince it has trapped.
    Five years after its curse, a hippogriff lands on the outskirts. It kneels for its dismounting rider, a girl with hair like tumbleweed. The thorns that begin to curl around her bloom into roses redder than blood. They are curious, starving. This girl of whole heart and whole head does not belong here.
    If she paid attention to the wind, she would have felt it whistle through her ears and lick her thoughts, and she would have heard it laugh, but she is preoccupied with untangling the curses on the entrance doors. It knew: she does not belong here, she who fancies herself a curse-breaker because she is the brightest witch of her age, she who thinks she can touch darkness without being touched in return.
    When she enters the manor, the thorns close in behind her.

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The end of Dramione week has shown a decline in Dramione graphics and gifsets once again. So to rectify that I’ve decided that a challenge is in order. There’s no time restraints or particular order to post, just have fun and share your love for Dramione.

  1. Favourite Book/Movie moment.
  2. A song/lyric.
  3. Black and White.
  4. Colours.
  5. Angst.
  6. Fluff.
  7. Smut.
  8. AU
  9. Christmas/any holiday of your choice.
  10. Love Triangle.
  11. Fanfiction Graphic.
  12. Family.
  13. News story/Magazine article.
  14. Horror.
  15. As the main characters of another movie.
  16. Post Hogwarts.
  17. Hogwarts years.
  18. Baby Dramione. (as in the first few years of Hogwarts)
  19. Picspam/gifset.
  20. A cliche.
  21. A Quote.
  22. Co- workers.
  23. Muggle AU.
  24. Minimal.
  25. Free choice.

You can use the tag dhrchallenge when posting so people can see what you’ve made. (Remember to use it within the first five tags or it won’t show up on the search) 

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Why did we fall in love, knowing we could never be together?’

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DAY ONE (august 11) -  favorite quote (book/movies or fanfiction)

"And you must be Miss Granger. Yes, Draco’s told me all about you.”

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fic: Pinched (1/1)



“And how exactly does this help us?” Draco hissed. He didn’t look at her while he said it, too busy looking up and down the dim alleyway for signs of Dolohov.

“We’ll blend in with the muggles,” Granger said.

That got him looking at her. She tsked and pulled a long muggle coat from her bag before manhandling him out of his outer robes.

“Not quite enough, I think,” he said even while he slipped on the coat. His pants - thank Merlin he’d elected to wear them today - were too high quality on their own but the coat went a long way to hiding them. She hadn’t bothered dressing like a witch at all, which he’d given her no small amount of grief for.

“What do you-” She cut off when he dropped his chin, bringing them face to hair. “Oh.”

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Hermione Granger, a DMLE agent working with the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, is sent to investigate several reports of a terrifying beast seen lurking the grounds of Malfoy Manor at night. Hermione finds no hide nor hair of any beast, but it’s clear that the Malfoys are hiding something and she is determined to find out. What she uncovers is the chilling result of a human-werewolf hybrid experiment conducted by the Dark Lord himself on the Malfoy heir as punishment for his and his father’s failures leading up to the war. Now Hermione must race against time to find a cure before Draco’s transformation from human to frightening beast is complete and irreversible.

beauty and the beast + dramione (requested by anon)

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Some Dramione :)

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Trapped in a Closet [Archive of Our Own]

I saw this post yesterday and took it as a personal challenge.

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