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why did we wait so long?

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You know the skin on your lips is the most sensitive part on your body…

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Neal Cassidy headcanons

because I have a very adventurous background built up for him and I gotta share it sometime.

  • After Neverland the Shadow is supposed to take him back to the Land Without Magic but instead is all pissy and drops him in a much more troubled land. That’s right. Haven. Vince and Dave take Neal in. He gets into trouble with Duke but absolutely does not approve of bullying Nathan or anyone else who’s troubled. When Lucy wants to take the Colorado Kid into the barn with her ~Agent Howard tells her Neal’s gotta come too. Howard knows about the curse and he’s none too keen on Rumple showing up in this already messed up town, looking for his kid. Lucy’s afraid she’ll have to force Neal, who she’s had help from on a case or two since his arrival, but he agrees because he doesn’t want to put the town in any danger.

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How lucky are we? That we can make everything better, with one bullet.

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nathan/audrey- au where they actually get to be happy

"You know, two dogs, picket fence, sea monster in the pool."

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