AU meme - TVD characters as metahumans

Stefan and Damon Salvatore: Healing (life force manipulation)

Stefan runs through the hospital. Elena’s waiting for him at the end of the hall but he only sees Damon. He’s slumped in one of the visitor chairs, trying to push a well-meaning doctor away. Stefan isn’t sure what he says but suddenly it’s just him and Damon. He kneels before his brother.
"What did you do to yourself?" Stefan demands. He takes Damon’s hand, moves his fingers to the wrist to feel the faint pulse. Damon’s skin is pale and clammy. He looks like he’d blow away in a good gust of wind.
"She said I couldn’t do it." Damon’s voice comes out with a faint wheeze. "Said I must be a pretty weak healer, ‘cause you’d at least try." Damon tries to smile. "Couldn’t let her get away with that."
"What did you do?" Stefan asks again, fear making his voice hard. A girlish laugh sounds behind him and he turns to see Elena in a nearby room. She’s standing by Caroline’s bedside. The blonde looks amazingly chipper for someone in the ICU.
"She was dead. I tried, didn’t think it’d do any good. Turns out it did."
"She couldn’t have been," Stefan says. It’s impossible to bring someone back from the dead, every healer knows it. But Damon would know better than anyone that Caroline really was gone and he wouldn’t lie about this.
Stefan takes a seat next to Damon and focuses on feeding him some of his own life force. They’ll figure out what this means tomorrow. Right now his brother needs him.

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