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Labyrinth - favorite lyrics

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Labyrinth is 50% glitter and 50% David Bowie’s crotch and that is why its so beautiful.

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Dar Sara - Bridal 2014
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After approximately five hundred viewings, I’ve decided that the video for Katy Perry’s “Unconditionally” is a sequel to Labyrinth.

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#sarah the mythchild kingslayer story-swallower #her will is as strong as yours and her eyes can be so cruel #and when she says her kingdom is as great as his it is because this is her kingdom #he is the raptor at her wrist and flies (takes; frightens; reorders time) at her word #she is the queen who makes herself; if persephone had no hades to offer her the pomegranate #she would have had to invent him #now come away with me child; to the water and the wild #find yourself on the edges of mazes and dreamscapes #and choose and choose and choose #have choices taken from you and choose anyway #(this is how women are made; in choosing) 

Pretty sure I’ve reblogged this before, but HOT DAMN THOSE TAGS. Yesssss powerful fantasy women who make themselves into queens and goddesses through sheer power of their own intent.

I don’t have a lot of always-reblogs, but I WILL REBLOG THIS EVERY SINGLE TIME IT COMES ACROSS MY DASH.

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Fangirl Challenge (original post)
[1/5] VillainsJareth, The Goblin King | Labyrinth (1986)
"Everything that you wanted I have done. You asked that the child be taken. I took him. You cowered before me, I was frightening. I have reordered time. I have turned the world upside down, and I have done it all for you! I am exhausted from living up to your expectations of me. Isn’t that generous?"

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