Ends and Means and Rearview Mirrors

Some potential season 5 naudrey because I miss them.

Off The Clock

Prompt: a day off in _____

AN: This takes place in a magical world where Fitz and Simmons, if they were ever dropped in the ocean in the first place, escaped unscathed.

AO3 link for those who prefer it


Jemma has never been a violent person. She’s not adverse to doing what needs to be done - she did attack Coulson with a fire extinguisher that one time - but she’s not one to resort to violence when there are other, less messy avenues. So it says a lot about her current predicament that she is seriously considering pulling out the ICER May insisted she bring and leaving this man drooling into the floor.

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this love is a burden I cannot bear

Quentin demands an explanation.

Pillow Talk

Unavoidable Delays in Reaction Time

After a day of betrayals and near-death experiences, a late night visitor is the last thing Skye needs. Or it’s the one thing she really does.

And We Shall Never Be Again

Posterior Anatomy

Off Track

Biospecialist AU scenario for T.R.A.C.K.S.

Surface Tension

Every Inch of You - Arrow (TV 2012) [Archive of Our Own]

This is not the part where we find out each other’s secret identities and fall into bed together.