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It happened on a quiet street in Bloomsbury. That corner house over there is the home of the Darling family. And Peter Pan chose this particular house because there were people here who believed in him.

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It would be delightful to report that they reached the nursery in time… but then, there would be no story.

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Come with me where you’ll never, never have to worry about grown up things again.”

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   Hogwarts AU: Peter is a mischievous boy from Gryffindor that always gets in trouble with teachers. Wendy is a perfect student in Slytherin, one of the brightest & most cunning of all in her House. Naturally, they hate each other. In their 5th year, both are selected as prefects and have to work together the entire year. Their hatred of each other soon turns into friendship, and later more than that. Peter teaches Wendy to loosen up and have fun, while Wendy teaches Peter how to be a better man.
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This belongs to you…and always will.

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Now, mermaids are not as they are in story books, they are dark creatures in touch with all things mysterious.

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peter pan + parallels

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get to know me meme: 5 favorite movies [3/5]

↳ Peter Pan (2003)

"Forget them, Wendy. Forget them all. Come with me where you’ll never, never have to worry about grown-up things again."

"Never is an awfully long time."

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