I have no desire to catch up on the last month of Teen Wolf but if stydia ever happens I want to be caught up so I can enjoy it. But there’s like no stydia anymore.

Do you see my problem?

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im very proud of this play

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team francis

team bash

team mary

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people on tumblr who aren’t even in the Supernatural fandom can’t escape us being on their dash. they’re like


As a non watcher this is true.

I’ve been trying to get the supernatural off my dash but I just can’t.

I would’ve blocked it long ago if it weren’t for the sheer impossibility (do you notice how the stuff is almost never tagged?) and also Jo Harvelle.

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“Stiles actually may be the main hero of Teen Wolf”
- Jeff Davis, TV Guide (August, 2011)

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“Hello Ponds! Checking in. How are you? Not much to report…” 
[Pond Life - APRIL

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SHAKAAR: Sometimes I get the sense that maybe, just maybe, she feels the same way. But I could be wrong. I’m afraid to say anything because it might ruin our friendship. But if I don’t, I could be letting something precious slip through my fingers. 

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I can’t shake the feeling that we belong together.

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