At what point is the risk too great?

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Just imagine all the normal people working or living on ds9 when main plot shit happens. They are just enjoying an evening at Quark’s when THE DOMINION IS TAKING OVER THE STATION, EVERYONE EVACUATE or reading a book when THE WHOLE STATION IS LITERALLY FALLING APART or sipping on raktajino when INTERSTELLAR WAR how do you even deal with that

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"Is there a problem Mr. Scott ?"

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Barclay had problems, he wasn’t perfect; he was someone that the fans I think could identify with. He had a good heart, but he didn’t quite fit in all of the time, and I think it brought a unique perspective for the show and for fans. It was a great idea. They finally put an ordinary person on the bridge, and it struck a chord. Barclay sees things that he is not a part of and desperately wants to be there.

Dwight Schultz on Reginald Barclay

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if you can’t beat them, unite with them. form a federation. form the federation. begin starfleet. boldly go with them. oh look now you have a starship. this was the best advice ever

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15 Days of Voyager
DAY 05: Favorite Romantic Relationship
↪ Janeway & Chakotay
pt 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

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"To all Starfleet personnel: this is the captain. It is my sad duty to inform you that a member of the crew, Ensign Sito Jaxa has been lost in the line of duty. She was the finest example of a Starfleet officer and a young woman of remarkable courage and strength of character. Her loss will be deeply felt by all who knew her. Picard out.

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Commander Thy’lek Shran

Shran was an Andorian commander in the Imperial Guard in the 2150s. Despite aggressive and suspicious tendencies, Shran became an unlikely ally of Starfleet Captain Jonathan Archer and a key player in the formation of the Coalition of Planets.

"The Vulcans say that the desert teaches men the meaning of endurance. But it’s the ice that forges real strength."
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