You don’t really understand Star Trek until you’ve seen Galaxy Quest.

WHY is that such an accurate statement?

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if I wrote ds9 there would be a full extra season of filler episodes with plots like “odo convinces quark a sad looking parrot is actually him in disguise” or “jadzia dax smokes a ton of weed and gets really excited about her novelty sunglasses collection”

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did you know? the characters in deep space nine represent the seven deadly sins

lust - dukat
wrath - dukat
pride - dukat
gluttony - dukat
greed - dukat
sloth - dukat
envy - dukat

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me when a friend tries to get me to watch a show: I don't know... seven seasons is a lot to dedicate to a show that isn't star trek
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Breaking Free - High School Musical

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The best thing about this is that even though these lines occur relatively near each other in the movie, three years have passed in the internal chronology. Maybe just lazy(ish) writing, but I prefer to believe that this guy has been waiting for this moment for three years. Every day he wakes up, looks in the mirror and says, “I know you kicked his ass and left him bleeding and wasted, but it was NOT ENOUGH. You will find that man and you will look him in the eye and with pure venom in your heart and mind YOU WILL CALL HIM CUPCAKE.”

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Get to Know Me Meme [4/∞] - Favorite TV Shows - Deep Space Nine

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