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  1. JD
  2. hazel; changes depending on where I am / what I wear
  3. brown
  4. I’ve never had a drink even though I’m well over 21 because my medical history makes taking blood thinners potentially dangerous.
  5. currently green (slytherin pride!)
  6. The cemetery. Ours isn’t super old but I still love visiting the graves from the 1800s and getting glimpses into these long forgotten stories.
  7. Johnny Cash
  8. Okay, so I got asked this a couple weeks ago at a first small group meeting and when I got home I felt instantly guilty because I realized I had LIED when I said red panda - and at church too. Because the truth is my favorite animal is named Rover and he’s a German schnauzer and the best dog ever, sorry, everyone else can go home.
  9. I answered this a couple weeks ago so instead I’ll say my favorite song of the moment, the one I cannot stop listening to, is Switchfoot’s “Afterlife.” My favorite part is the first 30 seconds or so and I just sort of end up listening to the rest too.
  10. Ugh I was thinking about this earlier. It’s so hard! So I’ll just say the last book I thought of on my list of favorites (hey I have a goodreads shelf for that), which is The Most Important Thing Happening. It’s “a novel in stories,” with all of the stories weaving into and out of each other. (I’ve probably been thinking about it so much lately because of Plumb’s “One Drop” on the radio so often. It always reminds me of one of the major elements in the book.)

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I’m sure everyone’s seen those posts comparing America’s grading system to the rest of the world - and if you haven’t I envy you because I can’t seem to escape them - so I’m not going to reblog one (in part because they’re so long) but I just needed to say something about it.

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Sep 26 14:01

Things that make this birthday awesome

I’m trying to be positive after my very pathetic crying jag, okay?

  • happy birthdays on tumblr (thanks to everyone!)
  • the weather was cool enough that I could walk for the first time in two months
  • watched Red Eye over breakfast
  • logging on to reviews
  • new stuff from shineyma
  • the satisfaction of making the right decision even though it sucked (this one’s why I cried if you couldn’t tell)
  • spent the morning rereading a book I love - A Matter of Class
  • Firefly! (because it’s Mal’s birthday too!)
  • the promise of a new Sailor Moon Crystal after Firefly
  • getting to reread SCB’s awesome presents (if you follow me you probably like one of the ships she wrote a drabble for so take a look)
  • cake is still cake even if it’s not homemade
  • presents!
Sep 20 13:47 ( 1 )

Suddenly my birthday doesn’t seem so awesome.

Sep 19 19:46 ( 1 )

Tell me about you.
If you have some time in the future play this tag game with me :)
I will start and then you can copy and paste and fill it in too!
I was tagged by gettothestabbing

1. What do you like most about yourself physically? 

Right now I like my weight the best. It’s not where I want it at all yet but I’ve spent the last eleven months losing fifty pounds and that just feels so good to have gone.

2. What are your goals finishing out 2014?

  1. I really want to do NaNo this year.
  2. Get my room adjusted to all the new furniture I got this summer. (Or was it spring? Oh gosh I’ve had it all so long.)
  3. Actually stick to a cleaning regimen. 
  4. Make some new friends.
  5. Start walking again. Summer was just too hot too early and my weight loss hit a plateau as a result.

I’ve got some other, behavior related goals but I’d like to keep them more short term even though I do ultimately want them to last out the year.

3. What are your plans for Thanksgiving? 

No clue. I’ll spend it with the family for sure but we won’t decide until November if we’re having it at a house (ours, almost certainly) or going out or if we’re cooking or ordering from a restaurant.

4. Do you celebrate Christmas? What are your plans? 

Lemme tell you about one of the greatest ideas I ever had: Mexican food for Christmas. This way it’s not just Thanksgiving 2: The Reckoning. We still get all the sweets of course though, and personally I think they taste better after all that spicy food. I spend all year debating the menu and it’s all so good and easy. (Easy is a must because otherwise people insist on helping and no. Mom and I have got this. Go mingle.)

I also have to finish making necklaces for all the girls and figure out what I’m giving all the boys. And there’s sure to be some church stuff (crying at Christmas Eve service will likely happen) and small group stuff that will hopefully help me to achieve number four above.

5. Have you read any books lately? Do you recommend any of them to me? 

Lately I’ve mostly been hanging out in the YA section of the library but seeing your list, I couldn’t help but think of the Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gentleman trilogy. Like you, I prefer Persuasion but this series is just so phenomenal. I love it more than P&P. It follows Darcy through the time of that book and, unlike a lot of similarly premised books, it treats Darcy as a true main character. It builds up an entire world and story around him and goes so far as to take him fully away from any familiar characters for the second book. It also gives a better look at what Georgiana is going through as well as her relationship with Darcy. And I admit one of my favorite things is giggling when Darcy freaks out because Georgiana might be becoming an evangelical (gasp. horror.)

6. What’s your favorite coffee or tea? Do you like it warm? With milk, sugar?


I drink three things: water, milk, and OJ. (And possibly that apple juice mom bought on a whim that’s in danger of going bad.)

7. Do you have pets? How many? What kind? What is their name (s)?

ROVER! My precious schnauzer. He’s a miniature by breed but he’s actually oversized by a little bit. He’s a sweetheart and he actually cries when we come home. It’s so adorable.

8. Can you swim? Which do you prefer Lake, ocean, or pool?

Yes. Kinda. I’ve never had to push myself really because public pools are too shallow and ours is too short for any hard swimming. I do like pools though, just being in water is so freeing. (My breasts can actually sit where they want.) I love the beach too, though I haven’t been in ages, and while I’m always too much of a wuss to swim out any real distance, I do love going out just past the waves.

9. What is your favorite season?

Fall. It gets hotter here then (gosh, this week has been brutal) but we also get a few showers every now and again. (I know it’s not fall yet but it’s so hot it feels like it must be.) The trees turn and the road I take to work is gorgeous because some of the trees are flowered so they make a rainbow if they turn just right. Plus my birthday is just as fall is starting. 

And whoa! Wait! What is your birthday, gettothestabbing? because the autumnal equinox puts us super close together. (I have honestly spent all this month at work saying happy birthday to anyone with a date closer than mine. This is how I get around my birthday. Everyone must have birthday joy!)

10. Do you have a favorite song or band or group? What’s your favorite tune from them?

I don’t have much of a musical ear, sadly but some of my enduring favorites are “When the Day Met the Night” by Panic! at the Disco, “Rodeo” by Garth Brooks, and “More” by Matthew West.

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Sep 18 19:01 ( 1 )

for someone who claims to love my otp as much as I do, I sure spend a lot of time tormenting them

Sep 12 17:02 ( 1 )

really need my mom to come home already because there’s been a death in the family and I have to tell her and I just really need this part to be over.

Sep 9 20:45 ( 1 )

I have no desire to catch up on the last month of Teen Wolf but if stydia ever happens I want to be caught up so I can enjoy it. But there’s like no stydia anymore.

Do you see my problem?

Sep 9 17:13 ( 2 )

oh just a normal saturday morning making myself cry while I write fosterson no big deal

Sep 6 10:37 ( 5 )

Today was one of those awesome days where I planned on everything being horrible and instead nothing went according to plan and everything was wonderful.

Sep 4 17:09