things I am on board for: villains getting redemption stories
things I am NOT on board for: villains getting redemption stories at the cost of good characters' integrity

I just got back from training for day camp next month and what I took out of it was that I’m supposed to build a relationship with the kids and thus, I have permission - nay! the duty - to watch ALL THE CARTOONS. 

I was without internet all day (again) and now that I finally have it, it looks like none of my friends are gonna be online tonight.

There are a lot of reasons I would never survive a zombie apocalypse but how utterly useless I am without internet is definitely one of them.

I promise promise promised myself that I’d shut down three hours ago and what am I doing instead? Writing HP fic for the first time in over a year.

Tonight I signed up to help with kids’ summer camp at church and to work with the kids, of course you have to fill out a form. There are two levels of forms: adult and non-adult. The guy actually paused and asked how old I was and that felt so good since I’m about a decade past the changeover. 

I’ve never had a more unsettling voting experience than I had today.

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First thing I’m watching on my new HDTV:


as if there was ever any question.

My brother just came in and we had a conversation about shipping in Frozen because he’s watching it for the first time in his room. I realized pretty quick he hadn’t reached that point yet and was in fact just on the verge of it. I kept telling him that, stereotypical romance moves aside, I didn’t think Elsa ended up with anyone and even if she did it probably wasn’t gonna be Hans.

He accepted it and left with a A+ parting comment that reassures me in my work as an older sister:

I guess you could say they let any relationship with Elsa go.

Two minutes later I heard him stomp down the hall. He threw open my door, seethed for a few seconds, and left. I laughed so damn hard.

At work people kept making small talk by asking how my mother’s day went. I am now officially an adult.