Klaus & Caroline + being adorable dorks

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kc meme: [2/2] au » a year later klaus and caroline meet again in the woods.

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This is not your destruction.                
                                                    This is your birth.

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We’re the same, Caroline.
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#can we take a moment to appreciate how after they kiss each other they just linger there  #eyes shut until they let go  #savoring all of it because who knows when they’ll be a next time  #this is literally my favorite thing ever.

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J u s t like the day he left her, of course: the cream cheeks, that fantastic hair in its artist’s shade of Naples Yellow.

Have you any idea, love, of how often he has applied his mind in a fine paintbrush stroke to the careful preservation of this memory, how he has stored away this precise shade, the exact angle of sun, moonlight, sallow winter sky on the strands and all the myriad gradations of white, gold, auburn they bring out; have you any idea how large his heart swelled and how small it shriveled with hope, that bloody abominable weed with its roots to the very bottom- your face hovering over him,

C a r o l i n e, that was all he bloody wanted-(&)

                        →@worstwolf, happy birthday mydear, darling jenn!

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make me choose: mabekah or melena?
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